Edperformance.com (SCANTRON)

Many of you have either begun, or have already tested your students using the Online Computer Adaptive Assements, otherwise referred to as SCANTRON.? But now what?? Well, in order to view and download the assessment results, you’ll have to login to the Admin section of the site at http://edperformance.com/ Look for the “Staff Members” button in the lower left hand corner under Science and click it.? It’ll open a new window so have your pop-up blockers disabled.? Then…

Site Code: 22-1310-3791

User: Dept. of Ed email before the @ symbol (mine would be cmoss3)

Password: Your file number

Good luck, and may data drive instruction…

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  • Ana Ramirez says:

    Let’s share ideas for Black History Month projects. Mr. Nolan, Mr. Polanco, Ms. Leonce and I are using a painting to generate stories, poetry, and art. The painting depicting an African woman carrying a child on her back was discussed; students then practiced subjective writing focused on the woman’s predicament. We will also scaffold the lessons to include research, rubrics, and graphic organizers for the stories. The theme is “One Painting: Many Voices Celebrating Black History Month.”
    Students will also paint the child in various stages of development. An Author’s celebration will also be encompassed.

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